The difference between 20k/months and 100k+/months is automated lead-generation, simple systems and a core team to execute those for you.

I know you've been working hard to get to your multiple
6-figure business.

But let's be honest. You've also been worried, had to push sales, launches and sacrificed your health, quality time with loved ones and sleep over it. 

You have amazing clients and a thriving business. You love what you deliver to your clients and the impact you are making in your client's life, and yes, the money is good too.

But you are longing to get back the freedom to just be, to relax and unwind and not think about work at all.

 To not have to follow-up with a potential customer or micro-manage at least 20 things on your To-Do list. 

I've been in that position, and I hated it.

It was a never-ending cycle of countless hours of work every day. Working day in and day out to keep up with all my new clients and projects. There's always a deadline you have to meet while keeping the quality up to your standard.

After years of that lifestyle, it was taking too much time, and I was going nowhere. I had to take care of my family. I always hated missing the special moments that I could never experience again with them. We only have a finite amount of time in our life, and I didn't want to spend it all on working and hustling. 

I want to ask you one important question. Please take a step back and be honest with yourself. When you wake up every day, are you excited about the life and business that you've created for yourself and want to keep living it for the next five years? 

If not, because you want to make more but work less, then this is for you!

Let me share with you my story!

At one point in our family, I had quit a $97,000 a year Information Technology job in Corporate America to stay home with my two babies, a 2 year old and a new born.  I was exhausted from working 13 hours a day and never seeing my children or husband. I thought the transition would be easy but after a few months of trying to live on my husband’s salary of $32,000 a year – I knew I couldn’t continue to just take care of my babies all day and not help bring in income. So, I did what some of my friends were doing, I started a day-care. 

I was making around $1200 a month. It helped even though we were still bleeding financially.   Although I loved watching my day-care kids, I was feeling antsy, we needed to make more money and I was bored. So I started spending some time on the computer and I found that so many people were making a killing online selling various courses and products.  I thought it might be a good idea but I wasn’t completely sold yet. So instead, I decided to join an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) company. 

I tried to sign up everyone, I knew into my new MLM venture.  I even bugged my mail lady about it. But I wasn’t having much luck.  So one night, I decided to spend our last $57 we had in savings on fliers to advertise my MLM.

Little did I know that it would change my life - forever

I got up at 5am early on a Saturday morning and went out with my friend to drop off fliers in the nice part of town. When I came home around 7am, I went back to bed. The thing, I remember was being in that state of almost asleep when I heard a loud bang.  

I woke up, jumped out of bed, ran downstairs, and saw that our garage was on fire. I yelled at my husband to go outside and check it out. And I went and got my babies out of their room and ran out in the backyard.

I remember thinking, I should have spent that last $57 on new underwear.  You see I was wearing holy underwear with a ratty old teeshirt out in my backyard with the babies.

I was yelling like a banchee at my husband to be careful – I am sure the neighbours two blocks away thought there was a domestic dispute going on. Then firemen showed up and put a big ladder over the backyard so we could climb over the fence into the neighbours backyard.  

I was horrified and mortified. The fireman and all my neighbours got to see my granny panties that were full of holes.  

At that minute I knew I had to change.

So I put on my thinking cap and got super resourceful!  It was summer-time. I moved all my little kids into one room and hired a live-in nanny to stay with us for the summer.  She helped me take care of my kids and the daycare kids. I paid her out of the salary from the daycare.

I had one of those big old thick computers and a ratty old desk in my laundry.  And believe it or not, I spent 4 months in that laundry room during the summer learning how to generate leads online. 

It was a steep and costly learning curve

From there I learned how to generate more cheap and free leads online.  I wrote an ebook and sold it for $37 over and over again. Then I discovered how to use Facebook to generate leads online.

I became such an expert at traffic and lead-generation, that I became the most sought out marketing expert on lead generation at the west coast and today gather 3.2 million monthly views on Pinterest alone.  

Trust me when I say this, it hasn’t always been an easy journey but it has been worth it. That's why I created an easier way for others. Nobody has to go through all THAT to claim the lifestyle of their dreams.

Are you ready to scale beyond $100K months but work only four hours and four days a week?

If you're tired of trying to break your profit ceiling and finding yourself with no progress because you get lost in the small daily activities to keep your 20k months coming, then this might be your next step.

I introduce the...
Simple Profit Visibility & Lead Generator

You need a process whereby:

What if I told you, there was a way to start earning passively while still giving value and still getting more traction in your business while spending only a few hours each day?

You might not know this, but there's an actual formula for creating massive traffic and leads for businesses. But if you're thinking it's all about passion or aligning yourself with several different energies in your body and building confidence for yourself—you're wrong. 

Yes, that counts, but that's not the whole story. Nobody got rich just by believing in themselves—you have to put in the work too. There's a process to follow, and that's what this program is all about. You can't expect to start earning $50K, $100K, even $200K months without going through a proper process, right? 

I created the Simple Profit Visibility & Lead Generator with one thing in mind—getting back my time while scaling my business. This is probably the most precious commodity - your time to pour more love into self-care, your family and hobbies while still making more money but not trading your time for it. 

This is an offer for service-based professionals such as coaches, consultants, bookkeepers, attorneys, or small business owners of a brick-and-mortar company such as construction, real estate, beauty salon or hairdresser.    

This is for you if you...

are currently making $20k+/month and have a proven offer or service that clients and customers rave about
know it's time to become massively visible online to scale beyond $100k/month through adding multiple revenue streams to your income, building out your online brand presence like your website and social media channels, and running traffic to your offer/service
want to delegate daily business activities such as sales, content creation, admin tasks and the delivery to a small core team

We work together 1:1 for six months on the following:

We will dive deep into your company, offers/services, and your story to best position you in your current niche/industry and beyond to market your offer or service.

I walk you through how to set up a brand and position you online and offline in a way that has your competitors turn heads and clients lining up to work with your company and book your services. We do this by identifying the best clients/niches and what channels they are using to search for your product or service actively.

We will look at all your offers and services and identify the most profitable and scalable ones. We then create an offer/service suite with three revenue streams to bring in consistent and automated sales every day. These include active and passive revenue streams.

We do this by looking at your strengths and competitive advantage and how you'll incorporate that into your service/offer to create an incredible experience that has your customers raving about you.

We'll be doing market research to ensure that your service/offer is visible to the best prospects, how you can pre-sell it, and how you'll be marketing it to start building your list of candidates even if you have no website, big email list or large following.

What you need to do and not do when it comes to lead generation online and offline and how you can build a simple client attraction system that will automatically bring in qualified leads and customers without adding any extra effort or work hours.

My online marketing background of 18 years as an online brand strategist and my approach to incorporate offline strategies such as speaking, hosting, and attending fabulous events will give you a competitive advantage that serves you in any economy and situation. Whatever your most comfortable approach is to meet new prospects, we'll ensure to map out a strategy that is suitable and enjoyable and doesn't cost you much time but brings in new leads and customers every single month, so you are fully booked.

You'll learn practical strategies to keep your customers engaged in your brand and company and learn how to bring in new ones with unique techniques such as juicy candy posts, organic content creation, and leveraging all social media platforms without being online 24/7.

We'll build out your online presence and social media channels. We make your company even more demanding, command authority over your competition, and build fully automated funnels that will earn you more without adding any extra effort at all.

We do this by identifying the key target audiences and the highest potential customers you'd like to do business with. We set up a ubiquitous online presence that puts your company at the top of their mind.

We then build out a content marketing plan and social media strategy to ensure that you reach the companies you want to do business with and are frequently in front of them.

We outline your website and design your branding and online presence to effectively communicate your vision, mission, values, and how you best help your clients as the #1 company in your industry.

After we've positioned you at the top, created and sold your higher-priced offers, and completed your premium online presence, it's time to double down on sending traffic to your website and social media channels and grow them exponentially. I get 3.2 Million monthly views on Pinterest alone. That doesn't consider all my other social media accounts.

Because some of those strategies are organic and take a longer time to build up, we implement long-term and short-term strategies to 10x your traffic and create a sustainable and predictable flow of new traffic and lead generation strategies across all social media channels.

Depending on your industry or niche and where your target market most likely spends their time, we map out a unique and customized plan to increase your visibility and online presence. These include social media channels such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

We'll tackle whom you need to hire, what to delegate, how to communicate the daily standard operating procedures, and where to find qualified people, and how to train them to have a core team of A-players supporting you.

You'll have a small core team in place that can take care of the daily tasks, so you only show up in your zone of genius, record content for your social media, and be the company's CEO.

You can either find, hire and train the talent yourself or we can do it for you.

If you're looking to become a leader with a core team of A-Players who can get the job done, somebody with a steady, organically growing audience with no sign of slowing down, and strategies that will 10X your visibility online to create a sustainable and precise way of generating more leads for the service or products your customers already rave about, I can help you.

Are the results above what you are looking to achieve?

Here are just a few things my clients are saying:

Angela Giles is a social marketing genius! Here's why… I sell a running belt on Amazon called the Running Belt Max. I had sent my belt out to several YouTubers for product evaluations several months ago. Well, one of those reviewers just happened to be a filmmaker based in Canada, and their crew created an awesome comedic video review of my running belt. So I did what just about everyone else would do: post the YouTube video on my product website and my Facebook fan page.  

Angela later told me that I should upload the video to my Facebook fan page, instead of simply linking the YouTube video. The reason why she said, is Facebook is competing with YouTube for video domination, and Facebook likes it when you upload videos to their site, as opposed to posting YouTube videos. Who would have known? I certainly didn't, and I've studied marketing for more than two decades, and I've had some type of online business for nearly that long. 

I did just what she said— uploaded the video to my Facebook fan page. She then assisted me with setting up the advertising to get video views. And not just general views, these ads are targeted to runners, walkers, triathletes… anyone who would want a running belt. 

Here are the results thus far. More than 1200 paid-for views of my video after just five days of having the Facebook ad run. Each view is costing me just $.02 per view. If there is a such thing as cheaper than dirt advertising, this is it. 

And remember, this is highly targeted Facebook advertising. It doesn't get any better than this, in my opinion. My advertising budget is just $5 per day as I wanted to run this as a test. Well, the ad is a major success and I'll be increasing my budget to attract even more viewers. 

So this is what Angela meant when she said Facebook likes it when videos are uploaded to their site; the reward is getting views for next to nothing. 

If I would have created an ad campaign to boost a YouTube video on my fan page, it would cost me a lot more to get views. 

If you're in some type of online business, either selling a product on Amazon, or if you have a website or Facebook fan page and you want to get more exposure for very little cost, Angela is the one to talk to.  

David Yow

Creator of RunningMax

I only have one recommendation if you are going to work with Angela: Have lots of ink in your pen and lots of paper to take notes on because the gems come non-stop at a rapid pace. You don't want to miss a thing cause even one gem from Angela could put thousands in your pocket over the year. All this and she knows her stuff. I've studied under lots of great six- seven- and eight-figure marketers and Angela is right at the top. Don't delay getting her training and mentorship!

Fred Raley

Angela is incredible! Within 24 hours of implementing their juicy candy strategy I had over 47 leads.

Galit Ventura Rozen

Angela is amazing at what she does and is a true master of her craft. I would 100% recommend Angela's services to anyone who is in need of a mentor in the marketing world. She can definitely help get you where you want to be and is a complete sweetheart to boot! If you feel you are missing the mark in your business I believe that Angela is the answer! I appreciate everything you do!

Cecilia Whaley

Angela is a true gem. Not only is she super sweet and kind, she really knows her marketing stuff! I have learned so much from her. Actual stuff that is useful and that you can start using in your business right away! I totally recommend her for your marketing needs.

Heidi Erickson

Many entrepreneurs start procrastinating whether this is something they're ready to commit to or not. It's understandable to go through that phase; however, if not now, then when are you stepping up? 

If you choose to stay at where you are right now, it's going to be that way next quarter, next year, or even longer. Because being ready to start scaling and taking your business to the next level is a choice you have to make. Let's talk about what you get and what is required to be an excellent fit for this offer. 

And that's where I come in. We won't be simply discussing run-of-the-mill strategies and overplayed marketing tactics, we'll be together for six months intensively improving and evolving your company. I'll be showing you your weaknesses and it's your job to make sure to cover those holes and patch up anything that might be leaking in both your business and yourself as a CEO. 

How do we work together?

You get 1:1 sessions, weekly assignments, weekly chat support to ask all your questions and get feedback on your offer, online brand and marketing from Monday until Friday. I provide chunked down, step-by-step video trainings and small assignments to help you through the process. 

You will need to hire help and invest in tech and software to automate the client acquisition for your company entirely. I only recommend the ones that I successfully have been working with over a long period to save you hours of tech-headache, money, and frustration. 

This is a unique offer because you can either look for the right talent or software by yourself or take us up on a DFY service where we do all the things for you.  

You will also get access to all my online courses and social media tools to help you every step of the way and explain how you can implement your right next step, so you never get overwhelmed or lost. 

For me to help you get the best results, you must:   

Be resourceful, a get-it-done person, and a diligent learner and action-taker who doesn't stop until you've achieved your goals. 
Be open to a new approach to get yourself and your brand to make more while working less to be in front of your ideal clients. 
Be willing to dedicate about 3-5 hours per week to show up for our calls, work through the material, and do your homework to come prepared and get results.  
Be earning 6- to multiple 6-figures in your small, service-based business. 
Be excited to work together to grow your online brand presence. 
Be ready to discover and change deep-seated habits in your work-life balance. 

How much does it cost?

The price for this offer is a mid-four-figure monthly investment. The investment is small compared to maximizing your monthly income by working fewer hours per week, having a business that no longer requires 8 hours or more per day of your time to make money and working only with clients you enjoy at premium rates.

You'll gain the safety and peace of mind that comes from having multiple passive and active revenue streams and a stand-out online presence that automatically brings in a flood of new leads and clients every month. You accomplish this without working more so you can enjoy spending your free time with your loved ones, traveling, and working on your charity projects or hobbies.

You can also choose our DFY option, and we build out your entire online presence, social media channels, website, and funnels for you. We write the copy, marketing calendar, and hire and train your core team to execute the daily operations for you. If this is something you'd like to consider, your investment would be a 5-figure monthly fee for six months.  

The Simple Profit Visibility & Lead Generator helps you to set up the automated systems to become visible to millions of viewers online and share your message with the world, getting more leads for your proven offer/service that clients rave about while only working 4 hours and four days a week.  

I would love to help you as a mentor and marketing strategist to put the systems and employees in place who support your massive calling and give you back your most precious commodity - your time.  

If this is what you are looking to achieve in the next six months, I am looking forward to receiving your application. 

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