How to launch your own social media marketing agency – IN ONE WEEK!

Simple Profit is launching its brand new social media E-Book,  brought to you by the expert marketing brains of Angela Giles and Rachel Hague!

They combined forces to bring you the hottest Social SMMA E-book based on Angela & Rachel’s best-selling Social Media Guides & their Own Simple Profit Social Media Agency.

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We believe that if you have a computer and an internet connection, you can make the ‘laptop lifestyle’ a reality. The SMMA E-book was not created to help you return to normal – it was to help you redefine normal.


$97 $147

Who is this E-Book for?

Are you in?

So, what’s the SMMA E-Book going to cover?


$97 $147

What are people already saying about the e-book?

Rachel and Angela opened up their E-book for me to test it early and with implementing everything I landed 3 clients & contracts of $1k a month in a couple days- loving this!

I’ve got 7 clients, & just got the ebook 10 days ago!

OMG - my 4th client signed up tonight - now I have $1200 coming in each month!! Thank you - I am in tears of gratitude.

If you are ready to redefine normal, take your life back, live the laptop lifestyle, work from where ever, TRAVEL and secure your financial future- click the link below.

Meet Your Coaches

Angela Giles

I started in the online space many years ago. I feel in love with the idea of having communities online. I began building my online presence & helping other entrepreneurs do the same thing.

I love sharing with other entrepreneurs how building a thriving social media presence & helping others grow their business social presence will change their lives!

Case in point, one of our clients went from starting a brand new business to $990,000 in sales during their first year because they implemented the social marketing strategies we taught them!

It is all about learning from experts! And now I am going to share with you how I did it!

Rachel Hague

I have always been obsessed with the online space. My parents joke that its a generational thing but personally I see the possibilities of growth and connection to be endless online.

I’ve always been one to make friends anywhere I go and on online it was mind blowing to me that I could cross paths with millions of people that I may never run into if it wasn’t for social media. Not only that but I can build a career for myself, control my income and work from wherever I want, when ever I want. I began managing the online profiles of fitness brands, small businesses, creating ads and templates for companies all in my free time for an extra income. THEN it became my main focus, I began running the online profiles of corporate companies, large vegas shows, well known influencers and celebrities and my love for it grew more and more.

Now I’m tired of being selfish.. rather than just providing service to companies, Id rather provide jobs for the masses and help others create this life style for themselves.