Are you ready for the 5-Day Simple-Profit Challenge?

 In just five days, I’ll be challenging you to bring your A-game. We’ll be tackling three core subjects.

First, I’ll teach you my proven formula to create an actionable plan to launch your online course and hit your first $10k goal through passive income.

Next, we’ll dive deep into the principles and rules of how passive income ACTUALLY works. No theories, no mumbo-jumbo, no B.S.—I’ll share my experiences on how I created my passive money-making machine to get myself time freedom and…

You’ll be doing all of this in the comfort of your own home. No pandemic is gonna stop your journey to success!

The only question is—are you ready to take the challenge?

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    If you’re tired of working day in and day out with no clear light at the end of your tunnel, this is for you!

    I’m Angela Giles. In the past, I’ve always relied on client after client after client... It was a long process of finding my clients through marketing, closing deals, negotiating, and creating content for them. 

    It was a never-ending cycle of countless hours of work every day. Each new client needed something specific, and it was my job to find a solution to fix their problem. Imagine doing that with ten clients.

    After a while, it was taking too much time, and I was progressing too slow. I had to take care of my family, and I wanted to start spending more time with them. We only have a finite amount of time in our lifetime, and I didn’t want to spend it only working. Would you?

    That’s when I created Simple Profit.  

    You DON’T have to keep creating new offers every single day.

    You DON’T have to keep finding new ways of marketing a new offer to clients.

    You DON’T have to trade your time for money and spend hours and hours working each day in your 9-5. 

    It was just an idea at the start, but I made it a reality in my life. And if I can do it, you can do it.  

    In five days, I’ll get you out of your rut, help you build a healthy and meaningful goal, and we’ll work together to get the plan moving on the right course by day five!

    Here’s our schedule for the next five intensive training days:

    Day 1: Claim your Simple Profit Money Goal and say yes to working less and making more.

    Day 2: Do the Math to make your Simple Profit Money Goal happen where we are calculating what it takes to get there.

    Day 3: Brainstorm the idea for your Simple Profit Course to let your Passion fuel your Idea.

    Day 4: Test your idea for the Marketplace for Simple Profitability to ensure that the right Prospects are eagerly waiting in line to pay you.

    Day 5: Create a Launch Plan for your Simple Profit Course to stay on track with taking massive Action.

    You’ll learn why I opted to build an empire that consists of various passive income streams in the form of simple courses that anybody can get into. We’ll also be tackling why you should start now, not later, and why it’s crucial if you value your time.

    Remember this—you can never get the time back you’ve wasted on things that don’t light you up. There’s no refunds, no take-backs. Time is a limited resource that we won’t be wasting from now on.

    But here’s a big disclaimer—this is NOT easy.

    This will be five intensive days of training. It won’t be a retreat session or a kind of team bonding. The next five days will be difficult, but when you finish the challenge, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to start building a passive income machine that can buy you hours of your life.

    If you’re ready to work on it, I’m prepared to take the challenge with you!

    Sign up for the First Round that’s totally FREE and save $27

    The Early Bird bonus ends in [DATE] or when all seats are filled.

      Still think you’re not cut out for it?

      The best part about this five-day challenge is that:

      You DON’T have to be great with tech—everything we’ll cover is 100% user-friendly and easy to understand, and don’t worry, I’ll be with you every step of the way! If you know how to use your smartphone, mouse, and keyboard, you can do this!

      Still, starting out? No problem! You DON’T need a website, you DON’T need an extensive network of people, and you DON’T need to purchase anything outside of the training!

      Are you worried about advertising? You won’t need it! I’ll show you ways on how you can scale this without any ad budget whatsoever PLUS, be able to grow your new passive income machine organically!

      Do you have so much on your ToDo list already as a busy entrepreneur, but you know you want to get back your most precious commodity – your time. Then you have to make the time for what can support you in making this a reality.

      Don’t be like me who spent most of her online entrepreneurial journey hustling instead of creating a passive revenue stream that pays me over and over. I also thought, I don’t have time.  

      That was until I realized that I need to make time to change the way I think and to also change my business model along with upleveling my leadership skills.  

      It’s 100% self-sufficient, self-starting, and you won’t even spend a thing!

      The only downside is that you’ll be spending time improving yourself… so what’s the hold-up?

      Sign up for the First Round that’s totally FREE and save $27

      The Early Bird bonus ends in [DATE] or when all seats are filled.

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