Online Coaches :

Are you ready to attract more clients & grow the coaching business you’ve dreamed of, utilizing your existing social media platforms?

In just 6 months, discover how to position yourself as an authority in your niche, build a highly engaged audience (not just followers), convert those followers into paying online clients... all without expensive paid advertising or a fancy website.

Just imagine if you….

...Made your monthly financial goals a reality, doing what you LOVE, helping others, and living out your abundance?

... Started attracting high-paying clients who are excited and motivated to work with you?

…Overcame your fears of rejection and commanded your value without shame?

...Communicated your value & expertise to potential clients and get paid what you deserve.

...Provided unforgettable results and have referrals / testimonials pouring in from your clients.

...Established yourself as the go-to expert in your niche, became highly influential online, and created lasting buzz around your brand?

And you...

...Spent only one hour a day creating your content - but magnetize your dream clients into your program like clockwork.

...Created compelling content that converts likes and followers to sales- attracting your people who are ready to buy.

...Leveraged the power of AI - to speed up automation processes, get powerful feedback, and get your stuff out there, faster.

...Sold your coaching services with confident authenticity - and you didn’t feel pushy, slimy, or "salesy.”

...Stopped procrastinating and started creating real results – and advance your business on your terms.

...Had on-demand mentorship, guidance, and feedback - avoid getting stuck and keep the momentum going.

You need a process whereby:

What if I told you, there was a way to start earning passively while still giving value and still getting more traction in your business while spending only a few hours each day?

So, what is stopping you from making your “What If” into a “When I?”

Hi, it’s Angela Giles with Simple Profit. My New Client System is your blueprint to turn your “what ifs” into “when I.” 

Your Blueprint to Growing a 6-Figure (or whatever your number is) Online Coaching Business

My New Client System is a 6-month, step-by-step exclusive training program to jumpstart your social media platforms & explosively grow your online coaching business.

Regardless of your past experiences, current number of followers, and business knowledge (or lack thereof)… the New Client System gives you the blueprint to attract more clients online, provide mesmerizing client results, and achieve your financial abundance. 

All without expensive social media advertising or shelling out thousands for a website designer.

My mission is to transform online coaches into market leaders.

From the moment you join the New Client System, you are immersed in a supportive community of other students just like you, who are dedicated to growing, learning, and living out their wildest dreams of success.

You may start the New Client System as a student…. But I can promise you are going to finish as FAMILY. 

Get ready to learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know (niching down, creating your offer, content, copywriting, social media strategies, marketing, sales, productivity, the systems to keep it running, and more) through a detailed, easy-to-understand-and-apply 6-module curriculum.

And here is where it goes from awesome to “I’m doing a happy dance in my chair.”

I’m not only going to walk you through these modules, I’ve also brought on the same specialists I use to run my own campaigns! 

Our Specialists

Patti Allred
Social Media Coach

You need help with social media, Patti will guide you every step of the way!  Growing quickly is her motto.

Michelle Perkins
Mindset Coach

Michelle is the Queen of helping you get clarity & into alignment!  With Michelle’s help the world is your oyster.

AJ Bryant
Copywriting Coach

AJ is responsible for things like $42K from a simple sales page!  She is brilliant at copywriting and will guide you with tips to increase your conversions!

Lollo Molander
Manifesting Wealth Coach

With her Brilliance, Lollo will teach you manifesting tips that will result in 10x your business.

Patti Allred
Social Media Coach

You need help with social media, Patti will guide you every step of the way!  Growing quickly is her motto.

Michelle Perkins
Social Media Coach

Michelle is the Queen of helping you get clarity on your social media!  With Michelle’s help the world is your oyster.

AJ Bryant
Copywriting Coach

AJ is responsible for things like $42K from a simple sales page!  She is brilliant at copywriting and will guide you with tips to increase your conversions!

Lollo Molander
Manifesting Wealth Coach

With her Brilliance, Lollo will teach you manifesting tips that will result in 10x your business.

Here’s how the magic works.

Each week, you are given a new assignment to complete, along with access to the specialist for that module. By the end of 90 days, you should have a completed new client system set up to attract clients and close sales with ease.

Discover how to not only attract new clients but keep new clients coming down your pipeline!

Never worry about “what special do I need to do this month to pay my bills” or “Should I go back to working a ‘real’ job?” again! 

When you run into questions, feel stuck, or aren’t sure how to apply your module assignment in the real world?

Instead of having to book a call, pay more for an individual session, blah, blah, blah – you can ask any question during my weekly office hours, or you can contact any of the team specialists. 

Friend, you’re not alone.

Inside the New Client System community, you will gain access to UNLIMITED daily support inside our private community, and weekly group coaching calls.

Anytime you need help, simply post in our private support community, or attend one of your weekly group coaching calls held by a professionally trained NCS Success Coach. Customized, on-demand mentorship is only a click away.

And that's not all.... when you join NCS, you also get exclusive access to my team! Talk with my specialists in mindset, copywriting, manifesting wealth and social media!


And that’s why I am one of the #1 marketing and business coaches online and produce unrivaled results in this industry. I’ve closed more than $60 million in sales in my career. I’m not showing you the latest fad that may or may not work - I am giving you solid, actionable, take it all the way to the bank training.

My clients have…

...done $1.2 million in sales - during COVID!

...included high-ranking executives from Fortune 500 companies

...Closed $180,000 in contracts in 90 days

...had their first $10,000 month within 30 days of working with me

...gone from $20,000 a month in sales to $67,000 within five months

...closed 3, $6,000 programs within 6 days!

...doubled their annual income, from $70,000 - $147,000 in 8 months!

...booked 1 TV appearance and 3 magazine interviews within a month after implementing my media training!

...gone from barely making $1500 with her side hustle in 2020, then being able to quit her job in 2021, and making $90,000 in 2022

Scroll down to see for yourself….

What Our Students Are Saying

Angela is incredible!  Within 24 hours of implementing their juicy candy strategy I had over 47 leads and was able to convert into some fabulous high end clients.

Galit Ventura Rozen

Angela is amazing at what she does and is a true master of her craft. I would 100% recommend Angela’s services to anyone who is in need of a mentor in the marketing world. She can definitely help get you where you want to be and is a complete sweetheart to boot! If you feel you are missing the mark in your business I believe that Angela is the answer! I appreciate everything you do!

Cecilia Whaley

Angela is a true gem. Not only is she super sweet and kind, she really knows her marketing stuff! I have learned so much from her. Actual stuff that is useful and that you can start using in your business right away! I totally recommend her for your marketing needs.

Heidi Erickson

Needless to say, we have been blown away! Angela Giles came into our lives and helped us bust that door wide open. And we couldn't be more grateful for the success we've experienced. In just under 5 months, we saw our monthly revenue triple right before our eyes. Angela's professionalism and mentoring must be praised.

Deanna Spoerl

Does this sound like you?

You’ve landed at least a few clients in real life but can’t figure out how to consistently bring in new clients and grow through your social media platforms.
You’re an expert in your niche market, but feel overwhelmed and honestly, inadequate when it comes to your business growth and marketing.
You want to take back your time and freedom by having an online business. You want the option to work from home, spend more time with family, maybe travel the world, finally quit your job, make your own hours, and your own income.
​You want to grow a dedicated, profitable client base, but you are intimidated when it comes to creating compelling, converting content on your social media platforms.
​You know you need to close your sales, but are also terrified of being pushy or “salesy.” Learn how to effortlessly position yourself in the noisy online space, clearly communicate your value, stand out from the masses, and sell with confidence & authenticity.

If the statements above describe YOU….then you’re ready for the New Client System!

So How Does It Work, Angela?


Stop guessing, starting and stopping, and being frustrated with a lack of results.  Follow my step-by-step blueprint. Implement and execute. It really is that easy. 


We will show you the easiest way to build a mini evergreen funnel so that you can always generate leads on demand. We  will even show you where to find these leads. We even have a tech team on staff to answer any questions for you.


We will show you how to hire and train a social seller for you so that they can help you generate leads and turn them into clients. You will be responsible for their monthly salary.


I hold weekly office hours and group coaching calls to give you customized, in-depth support. Tired of your coaching session being 90% review, and only 10% action? We track your progress together every step of the way. 


When you join the New Client System, you will have access to 8 modules of curriculum. The modules are broken up into three phases: Create, Implement, and Execute. You’ll craft an irresistible offer in Phase 1, Implement the systems needed to sell it, and in Phase 3, you’re finetuning while you’ve already started selling!


When you join the New Client System, you’re given lifetime access to the curriculum - all the videos, worksheets, and materials. Even after the 180 days of community support, the educational modules & resources will be here for you during every step of your journey.


When you join NCS, you'll be assigned to your own dedicated Success Coach, who will hold your hand every step of the way. Did you know more than 83% of people who buy courses don’t finish them? None of that here. I want your success!


Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. But when you join the NCS family, you’ll be warmly welcomed into an active community of other like-minded coaches who you can connect & mastermind with. You’ll be inspired, motivated, held accountable… and you’ll make friends for life.

Needless to say, we have been blown away! Angela Giles came into our lives and helped us bust that door wide open. And we couldn't be more grateful for the success we've experienced. In just under 5 months, we saw our monthly revenue triple right before our eyes. Angela's professionalism and mentoring must be praised.

- Bob & Deanna Spoerl

Phase 1: Creation

In this phase, we’ll focus on your creating your unique business blueprint, building a bullet-proof mindset, niching down to your perfect audience, then creating an irresistable offer!

MODULE 1: The Foundation: Your Coaching Blueprint 

Hit the ground running and learn how to maximize your time in the NCS. I don’t list a number on purpose, because each of you are different, and define success differently. In Module 1, I break down the entire process of starting, growing, and scaling a coaching business to 6-figures and beyond. You’ll understand the steps necessary to be successful, why best business models work, and gain clarity on what you specifically need to focus on to grow your business and meet your financial goals.

MODULE 2: Head Games

Let me let you in on a secret – your entire life is about to change. What has gotten you to where you are now, will not get you to where you want to be in the future. And thank GOD for that! You want to do something new, not keep repeating the same cycles! BUT - you have sneaky thought traps lurking in your brain and your spirit- think of them like quicksand pits slowing your progress- if they don’t kill your dreams entirely. Learn how to re-wire your brain and think like a wealth manager- not just a business owner. Your knowledge and experience are your income. Start treating yourself like it.

MODULE 3: Niche it down

In Module 3, step your way through my fool-proof system for choosing the most aligned and profitable niche for your area of expertise. Even if you already have a niche, this system will identify and help you know your ideal client, inside and out, front and back, head to toe. Learn how to position yourself and your business as a specialist, conduct meaningful and effective market research, and validate your niche’s needs. Understand how to do accurate and actionable market research to keep your business ahead of the competition. Create a clear-cut message that cuts the BS and the noise online and stand out as a market leader.

MODULE 4: Package It UP!

Are you ready to get PAID? In Module 4, I show you how to create a tantalizing offer that’s irresistible to your niche market and ideal client. I call it the “Red Hot Door.” I’ll guide you through creating  a unique program that helps your clients achieve high-impact results.  Learn how to create value, charge more, and get clients who are dedicated to doing the work. Stop working harder than your clients to get their results!

BONUS Module

The AI Content Creator 2.0! I’m going to show you how to use AI to create content for the next 18 months in less than two hours. Stop beating your head against the wall figuring out what to post when!

Phase 2: Implement

In this phase, we take what you created during Phase 1, and, in the words of my dad, get the rubber on the road! It’s time to make some money! We’ll cover how to close with confidence, and all things marketing - how to attract your ideal clients and have them begging to work with you - not the other way around.

MODULE 5: Closing with Confidence 

Let’s be honest – you have to make sales to make money. And you have to have new potential clients to make the sale. It’s a vicious cycle that can quickly become a death spiral. The best marketing plan in the world can’t help you if you struggle to close. In Module 5, I will share my trademark closing and sales techniques, and how my clients have closed more than $20,000 in a month, and $1.2 million in a year. Let me show you how to kick those doubts to the curb, overcome your fears, and make saying “yes” irresistible. When you understand how and why your niche client will buy, your product will fly!

MODULE 6: Don’t Chase Clients – ATTRACT THEM!

In Module 6, I show you how to start packing your online audiences with your ideal clients. You'll learn how to create meaningful content and converts fans to clients. Learn the different and best ways to attract your ideal clients, schedule more calls, and create the opportunities for impactful conversations you want to have with your potential clients. I also share my attraction formulas for each platform to help you build your own system to turn random strangers into your high-paying clients.

                  In this module, we will break down your social media platforms, one by one, and show you how to build and implement unique strategies for each. Create a multi-platform marketing strategy, market to and reach your niche, and build those leads!

Bonus Module

In In Phase 2, you get four (yes, 3!!) Bonuses!

Killer DM Sales Scripts
My top-secret Chat GPT Scripts
Building Your Dream Funnel

Get all the power of AI behind your business!!

Phase 3: Execute

In this phase, we put everything together. Now that your new offer is hitting the market, it’s time to focus on maximizing your time with clients, your referral impact, and creating systems and automation that work for you.

MODULE 7: Maximize to Maximize – How to Maximize Your Time with Clients, and Maximize Your Referral Impact

One of the first things I teach my clients is to maximize every contact. You never know who you are talking to, and who they could be talking to. If you want to make sure your clients are not only happy and successful in their plan, but are also absolutely crazy about you, you can’t miss this module. If you want to set up a killer referral system that keeps leads coming in your door, and refer you to everyone they know, you can’t miss this module. I’ll teach you how to deliver a 6-star experience for your clients, without breaking the bank, and how to build lasting, life-long relationships that guarantee thousands in referrals, rake in the testimonials and reviews, and create a coaching empire. 

MODULE 8: Business Management & Productivity

Like a mentor once told me, a whole other level, a whole other devil. When you are in the process of elevating your business, it is imperative to learn how to manage yourself, your time, your energy, and your resources- not just your business. In this module, you will learn how to keep everything organized, set up systems to help you succeed in each area of your business, from your marketing, to your customer relationships, scheduling, sales, and more. Learn how to problem solve without the anxiety load using a decision hierarchy. I go through the basics of a healthy, sustainable business model, and how to operate like a wealth manager.. Stop hustling, and start operating!

Bonus Module

In Phase 3, you’ll get 3 bonus modules

How to Hire a SUPER VA
The Excellent Evaluation: How to Evaluate Your Systems & Content
Analytics for Dummies: How to Understand and Use Your Analytics

Here’s what makes the New Client System at Simple Profit different…

Other Business Courses will...

​Pump and Dump – Overwhelm you with tons of information you have no idea how to apply, then make you pay extra for the support you need. Or you’re SOL. 
Do as I Say – It’s created by people who are interested in the money, not your success 
Not as I Do – Haven’t actually scaled up their own business but are coaching you on how to do it. 
Ghosted – Have terrible follow-up and customer service as soon as you fork over the cash.
Blame and Shame – Blame you for your mindset obstacles, and shame you for having them, instead of ‘just think positive and it will happen.’
​If You Didn’t Document, It Didn’t Happen – There isn’t a set structure or way to track your progress, so there’s no dialogue on how to improve your results – or even know what they are!

Instead, the New Client System:

​Give you an action plan, with systems and structure to track, execute, and celebrate your wins!
Created based on 20 years of online marketing experience – no gurus here!
Cash flow as you go – I teach you how to make your first sale with zero ad spending!​​
Weekly support with LIVE group coaching calls, unlimited email support, and access to my team of specialists who make it all happen! 
100% Results-Driven. NCS is here for you now, next week, next year, and forever. ​We’re not going anywhere. 
Coaches you through your mental blocks, highlights your hang-ups, and guides you through your roadblocks.​
​Deeply committed to your complete inner fulfillment and purpose as a person, and then to your business success. If you achieve your dreams, but still aren’t satisfied as a person, that’s a failure, not a success. 

I only have one recommendation if you are going to work with Angela: Have lots of ink in your pen and lots of paper to take notes on because the gems come non-stop at a rapid pace. You don't want to miss a thing cause even one gem from Angela could put thousands in your pocket over the year. All this and she knows her stuff. I've studied under lots of great six- seven- and eight-figure marketers and Angela is right at the top. Don't delay getting her training and mentorship!  

Fred Raley  

I have quadrupled my income in 90 Days.

Dileesa Archer

Angela's superpower is quickly generating significant sales! Through her training and strategies we generated over $180k in 90 days! Using her new strategies we have generated new ways of generating quick income. Additionally, she has helped us uplevel the long time strategies we've been using that I "thought" were as good as they would ever be. In 90 short days, Angela is the best investment we have made in our business. I'm excited where she will take us next!.

Chad Harward

Still not convinced? See what others are saying:

Angela Giles is a social marketing genius! Here's why… I sell a running belt on Amazon called the Running Belt Max. I had sent my belt out to several YouTubers for product evaluations several months ago. Well, one of those reviewers just happened to be a filmmaker based in Canada, and their crew created an awesome comedic video review of my running belt. So I did what just about everyone else would do: post the YouTube video on my product website and my Facebook fan page.  


Angela later told me that I should upload the video to my Facebook fan page, instead of simply linking the YouTube video. The reason why she said, is Facebook is competing with YouTube for video domination, and Facebook likes it when you upload videos to their site, as opposed to posting YouTube videos. Who would have known? I certainly didn't, and I've studied marketing for more than two decades, and I've had some type of online business for nearly that long. I did just what she said— uploaded the video to my Facebook fan page. She then assisted me with setting up the advertising to get video views. And not just general views, these ads are targeted to runners, walkers, triathletes… anyone who would want a running belt. Here are the results thus far. More than 1200 paid-for views of my video after just five days of having the Facebook ad run. Each view is costing me just $.02 per view. If there is a such thing as cheaper than dirt advertising, this is it. And remember, this is highly targeted Facebook advertising. It doesn't get any better than this, in my opinion. My advertising budget is just $5 per day as I wanted to run this as a test. Well, the ad is a major success and I'll be increasing my budget to attract even more viewers. So this is what Angela meant when she said Facebook likes it when videos are uploaded to their site; the reward is getting views for next to nothing. If I would have created an ad campaign to boost a YouTube video on my fan page, it would cost me a lot more to get views. If you're in some type of online business, either selling a product on Amazon, or if you have a website or Facebook fan page and you want to get more exposure for very little cost, Angela is the one to talk to.  

David Yow

Creator of RunningMax

We'll offer a 30-days money back satisfaction guarantee. If you've completed the work after 30 days and you are not 100% satisfied with the course you can send over your complete course work for review and we'll give you your money back. Only available for 30 days.


Angela Giles

I'm Angela Giles, a results-driven marketer, and speaker that helps overworked 7+figure business owners to set up the systems to fully automate their traffic and lead generation through gaining millions of social media views and reducing their workweek to 4 hours and four days.

For 21 years, I've been supporting business owners to become visible online through automated social media marketing so they can impact and change more lives without burn-out or sacrificing their personal life and quality time with loved ones.

My clients are successful, productive, and high performing. They have achieved extraordinary results in their personal and professional life and are supporting many philanthropic projects. They love to connect with like-minded people, are generous and well respected in their community.

When business owners want to free up their time, stop the hustle and wasting thousands of dollars on outdated marketing tactics, they seek my help in getting the automation systems and marketing strategies in place that give them back their time and increase their profit margins. In today's changing digital environment, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve. I help multi-million-dollar companies implement cutting-edge marketing strategies across all social media channels to become the go-to company in their industry.

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